I UK [kəʊld] / US [koʊld] adjective
Word forms "cold":
adjective cold comparative colder superlative coldest
Other ways of saying that the weather is cold:
cool slightly cold, but often in a pleasant and comfortable way, especially during hot weather: a cool evening breeze It's nice and cool in the shade. chilly cold enough to make you shiver and feel uncomfortable: The evenings there can be chilly, so you'll need to take a jumper. frosty very cold, but often bright and clear, with layers of ice forming on the ground, the trees etc: Her breath turned to steam in the frosty air. a fine frosty morning freezing cold/freezing extremely cold, especially when it is cold enough to turn rivers and pools of water to ice: a freezing cold day Shut the door, it's freezing out there! bitter very cold and unpleasant, especially when there are strong cold winds: a bitter winter night
1) with a low temperature or a temperature that is lower than normal

The water was too cold for a shower.

a) used about the weather

It was bitterly cold that day.

a cold winter morning

b) used about people and places

I was cold, hungry, and thirsty.

freezing cold:

Their house is always freezing cold.

c) used about food that has been cooked but is not eaten hot

a selection of cold meats

2) not seeming friendly or sympathetic

Her father was a cold and distant man.

She received a rather cold response.

3) cold colours are colours such as white, blue, and grey that make you think of things that are cold
4) spoken used especially in children's games to tell someone that they are not close to finding or guessing something

someone's trail/scent has gone cold — it is difficult to find someone because it is a long time since they were seen

Police now fear his trail has gone cold.

blood, foot I, leave I, water I

Derived word:
UK / US adverb
II UK [kəʊld] / US [koʊld] noun
Word forms "cold":
singular cold plural colds
1) [uncountable] cold air, or a cold environment

Plants need protection against extreme cold.

the cold:

Heavy curtains help to keep the cold out.

2) [countable] a minor illness that blocks your nose and makes you cough
catch a cold:

I must have caught a cold on my camping holiday.

a heavy/bad cold:

Don't go to work if you have a particularly heavy cold.

Adjectives frequently used with cold
▪  bad, heavy, nasty, stinking, streaming
III UK [kəʊld] / US [koʊld] adverb
Word forms "cold":
comparative colder superlative coldest
1) if you do something cold, you do it without preparing for it
2) suddenly

Something made her stop cold in the middle of her sentence.

English dictionary. 2014.

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